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Obstacle Course Competition Rules

Individual Competition

Each competitor will attempt to complete the obstacle course in the shortest time possible. The competitor's score will be their total completion time in seconds. For each obstacle failed, a 30-second penalty will be added to the competitor's total time. The competitor with the lowest total time (including any penalty seconds) will be declared the winner of the individual competition.


Teams will consist of four competitors. Each team member will individually attempt the obstacle course, following the same rules as the individual competition. The team score will be the sum of all team members' individual scores (completion times plus any penalty seconds). The team with the lowest combined total time will be declared the winner of the team competition.

Obstacle Failure Definition

An obstacle is considered failed if the competitor does not complete it according to the specified guidelines or if they require assistance from the course officials to continue. Examples of failures include not completing an obstacle entirely, skipping or bypassing an obstacle, using improper technique or violating the specific rules for an obstacle, and receiving physical assistance from course officials or other competitors. Course officials will determine if an obstacle attempt is considered a failure.

Competition Guidelines and Conduct

Competitors must complete the obstacles in the designated order and must not interfere with or impede other competitors on the course. Course officials have the final decision on any disputes or rule interpretations. Competitors must follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by the course officials. Any unsportsmanlike conduct or intentional violation of the rules may result in disqualification from the competition.

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